Kids and Oral Hygiene – Ways to Inculcate Good Dental Care Habits

Simple habits taught to children for maintaining good dental hygiene will stay all their life and protect them from various oral as well as other health ailments. Often, it is difficult to persuade kids to practise good dental habits. But it is very essential, as the mouth has direct link to the internal digestive organs, and so high amounts of plaque could result in other health problems in the long run. Here, we will discuss several tips to make your child adopt good oral care.

Set an example: Ask yourself if you are practicing what you are preaching to your kid. Know more about brushing techniques and oral care; and show your son or daughter how to practise them. Brush along with him whenever possible to demonstrate him different brushing techniques.

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Find out: Ask your kid why he doesn’t like to brush. Know if he feels uncomfortable with his tooth-paste or tooth-brush. Research on the brands and models available in the market and select the ones that your kid may like.

Sound interesting: There are lots of oral care products for kids that come with different animations on them and also in different shapes. See if they interest your kid so that he likes to use them often.

Explain: Instead of ordering your kid to follow, explain him what happens if proper dental care is not practiced. Show him the pictures of teeth affected by various diseases, so that he will realise the importance of oral care. Tell them how important it is to floss after eating.

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Early teens: For teenagers, askthemtostayawayfromsmoking as it spoils the teeth and gums. Counsel them on the benefits of oral hygiene.

Diet: Nutrition plays an important role in building strong teeth. Ensure that your kid takes sufficient amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D through Calcium-rich foods like milk. Also, sweet food items like cakes or candies increases the risk of cavities in children. So, keep a check on them.

Patterns: Kids, especially toddlers do not pay attention to whether their teeth are clean or not after brushing. So, teach them some fixed patterns of brushing that help in removing the plaque from every part of the mouth.

Doctor’s advice: Take your children to your dentist every month to get their teeth examined. Also, when your kids complain about some pain in the mouth due to cavities, get him the necessary medical attention immediately.