Bad Breath Remedy (2)

Bad Breath Remedy

Technically known as Halitosis, bad breath is a condition that affects millions of people in the whole world. Children and adults of every gender and race are victims of it, and it’s not good to hear that most people are not aware that there’s a problem with their breath. It is not something deadly though, but it is serious in way that bad breath may cause shame and embarrassment. Yes, people who are affected by it often feel embarrassed when someone told them that their breath smells so bad. It even lowers their self-esteem and may drive them to frustration if they found it occurring everyday of their life.

Being a serious condition, bad breath is something that should not be taken for granted. It must be cured if possible. After all, a lot of solutions are available. So if you have bad breath, don’t despair and don’t feel hopeless either.

Below are some of the most recommended bad breath remedies you can consider to treat or cure your bad breath. Please read on.

Oral Hygiene

Curing and preventing bad breath can sometimes be as easy as practicing oral hygiene, so one should start here. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. Also clean your gums and tongue. Always note that the teeth, tongue and gums are the three major areas of concern in your mouth, so don’t forget to cleanse them daily. Be sure also to rinse your mouth thoroughly as it may helps lessen the problem by eliminating the build up of bacteria in your mouth. Consider this bad breath remedy first thing in morning and before you go to bed.

Herbal Bad Breath Remedy

I bet you all know that cleaning your mouth thoroughly is not the whole solution to your bad breath problem. Well, this is where the herbal bad breath remedy comes in.

A number of herbal combinations are considered since the early times for curing bad breath. One of the most popular remedies is the Myrrh. This bad breath remedy is said to be potent for killing the oral bacteria because of its antiseptic nature. Because of this, most people tend to make a mouthwash by stirring five to ten drops of myrrh tincture into a glass of water. They do this by mixing the tincture with rosemary tea or mint as it will improve the breath-freshening effect, as well as the disagreeable taste of this bad breath remedy itself.

There is also the tea tree oil, another bad breath remedy derived from the leaves of the native Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree which contains compounds that are antiseptic. Because of this, the tea tree oil is said to be a powerful disinfectant. You can use it by putting a few drops of it on your toothbrush with your regular toothpaste, or simply look for toothpaste that contains this bad breath remedy. According to some claims, this bad breath remedy has a strong aromatic flavor.

There are other potent bad breath remedy and cures out there. Some are offered in a form of medication, lining on shelves at some grocery and drug stores. But, in case of chronic bad breath, the best bad breath remedy perhaps is a dental check up. So consult your dentist and ask for suggestions on how you can fight bad breath as soon as possible.